Flare Time Series Oracle.

We do not only provide data estimates.
We provide good estimates, for maximum returns.

delegate your votes to us and we will provide honest votes.
Maximizing your reward.

Early Access and best rates!

Best in class

Our nodes are based in Sweden, with a robust security, trust and uptime.
And by the way, your tokens never leave your wallet.


By chosing us as your delegation service you are not only making the right economic choice, but you are also making the right sustainable choise.

We are here for you

One of the first, and one of the most trusted flare delegation services in the world. We aim´s to serve both exchanges and personal accounts.

We are a Scandinavian based delegation service on the Flare Network

Risk free Staking!
Earn  Spark by hodling, remember your spark never leave your wallet when using ScandiNodes.
Many who hold Spark may not be able to directly participate in the FTSO by providing data. The system allows for the delegation of your spark votes to ScandiNodes, in return for a share in the profits. Delegation to ScandiNodes involves no risk to your Spark tokens.
In the same way that staking for Proof of Stake chains is offered at exchanges, Our service aim to help individuals but also exchanges to stake Spark risk free.

Read more on Flare Network official blog.

Secure and Stable
Our servers are located in Swedish data centers. High security and minimal downtime are top priorities. We know how important this is for our users.
With us you can be safe and we guarantee trouble-free staking.

  • What is delegation?
    (From the official Flare blog)
    The FTSO will in reality provide estimates every couple of seconds. Not every Spark holder will want or be able to run hardware to contribute to the FTSO and separately they might not be interested in voting for network governance. Therefore the votes for both responsibilities can be detached from the token itself and separately delegated to other parties. The delegation may be cancelled at any time and when a token is transferred from one address to another the delegation is automatically cancelled such that the voting rights go with the token. The mechanism also allows SDA’s such as FXRP to delegate Spark votes back to the ultimate owner who can then re-delegate those votes further to entities he wants to vote on his behalf. So if Bob has 5000 Spark tokens in the FXRP application, it will delegate the votes from those tokens to an address specified by Bob. If Bob wants a dedicated data provider to contribute to the FTSO on his behalf, Bob can then re-delegate his votes for the FTSO to the data provider. Importantly this means that Bob doesn’t have to choose between earning Spark by providing collateral to the FXRP application and potentially earning the reward from the FTSO, he can do both. Any SDA that makes Spark tokens unavailable to their underlying owners, provided there is a definition in the application as to whom the underlying owner is, can implement the delegation procedure.

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